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PHCC: Valuable Benefits for Every Member

PHCC is a true business community — one that not only includes thousands of small, medium and large p-h-c companies across the country, but also the hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers who support them. PHCC offers a broad range of benefits customized for each.


PHCC member contractors connect with ideas, resources and companies that can help them improve operations and profitability. They also get access to training on business and technical issues, webinars and online resources, support for apprenticeship programs, and representation against over-regulation. Last but not least, they can meet and interact with fellow business owners, as well as the most respected manufacturers and suppliers in the business.

Enhanced Service Groups

Some member contractors receive even greater value by joining one of our three Enhanced Service Groups (Construction Contractors’ Alliance, Quality Service Contractors and Union-Affiliated Contractors). Members of these groups meet periodically to talk candidly about the business challenges they face and share strategic insights with others in their market segments.

Corporate Partners 

PHCC Corporate Partners demonstrate their industry leadership and knowledge by directly supporting PHCC national and its many member programs and services. Corporate Partners also share thought leadership on the most pressing business and technical issues facing business owners across the country.

Associate Members

PHCC Associate Membership gives manufacturers and suppliers valuable opportunities to meet and form lasting relationships with their best customers. It also gives them the chance to collaborate with p-h-c professionals to improve product offerings, gain insights into customer preferences and concerns, and demonstrate their commitment to the industry.

Partners for Professionalism

PHCC Partners for Professionalism prove their commitment by delivering programs and resources that increase member contractors’ business skills and profitability — including management and technical training, as well as exclusive co-branded products with enhanced features, benefits or warranties.

Preferred Service Providers

PHCC Preferred Service Providers offer PHCC member contractors a variety of cost-saving opportunities and special offers on the essential services and products they need to run their businesses.

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