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Most individuals starting out in the p-h-c field begin as an apprentice, where they are often paid as they learn the trade. The PHCC Educational Foundation’s apprentice and journeyman training programs are designed to help develop a highly skilled, well-educated workforce for the improvement of the industry.

Take a look at the many resources below to get an idea of the variety of programs available to train future industry workers, who can “earn as they learn.” Ordering information is included for business owners.

Featured Resource: 

Free Soft Skills Webinars from PHCC Educational Foundation

The PHCC Educational Foundation partnered with Steve Coscia of Coscia Communications to develop two soft skills training webinars for apprentices and technicians. Perfect for apprentice classes or company technician meetings!

Technician Soft Skills Part 1 (Time: 31 minutes, 26 seconds)

Technician Soft Skills Part 2 (Time: 28 minutes, 41 seconds)

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